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What to Eat on your Periods?

Foods to eat on periods , reduces your body and hip pain on/before cycle.

Many people have uncomfortable symptoms on menstruation.Some food reduce or control those symptoms and help you to get better.Symptoms are;

1.Abdominal cramps


3.Mood swings


5.Pain on Thighs

Having certain foods helps you to get out from those symptoms and pain.


1. Drinking plenty of water, daily is usual and important.During on your periods,drinking plenty of water more than a normal day helps you to prevent from dehydration and make your flow well.

2.Fruits like Pomegranate,Grapes,Mosambi have any juice from these fruits on your period day ,will help fight off symptoms like aches,pains and cramps.

3.From your first day on periods, you can have curd rice,mint leaves,coriander leaves,curry leaves on your food as chutney/pacchadi.

4. A warm ginger tea once is more enough, to improve any symptoms of menstruation.Don’t take more ginger, because consuming more will cause heartburn.

5.Boosting your iron level is more important on you periods.Leafy green vegetables are rich in iron.Especially Spinach are rich in magnesium.

6.Nuts are good source of proteins,magnesium and more vitamins.

Do follow these food diet on your periods.

Some food dietary may ease your menstrual symptoms and help you stay healthy during their period.

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