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Healthy Benefits of Ragi (Finger Millet)

Ragi is one of the best cereal among all.This cereal is easily available right now in all organic and provision shops.Since,ragi is easily cultivable crop in India especially at Tamilnadu. In Tamilnadu, ragi grows well easily and other states like Karnataka,Andhra also ragi is highly cultivable cereal.

But,In North India, this cereal is cultivated only in some places and the usage of ragi over there is comparatively less.

Ragi grows even in dry land too and they no need more water supply for growth as rice grains needed.

This Ragi/Finger Millet can stored under refrigerator ( or) on normal temperature for long days.This can stored directly as ragi grain or as ragi flour.

Storing for long days ,Ragi will not get any sign of bacteria and their protein contain will not change.

In tamil,Ragi is also called as kelvaragu (கேழ்வரகு) .In old days, ragi is the best food for people.This is mostly used in village, during those days.Now,everyone are aware about healthy benefits of ragi.

Everyone knows the healthy benefits of ragi,but we all our started to run behind colorful and artificial tasty foods which may cause some future side effects.Before days,people used to have ragi as breakfast/dinner or in any form as food on their daily diet.

Amino Acid in Ragi

Ragi contains amino acid like methoinine. This methoinine is also found in meat,fish and all dairy products.

Methoinine plays vital role in many cell function,prevent liver damage and improves wound healing.It is consider as “Essential” amino acid.

Ragi in our Daily Diet

If we take 100 grams of ragi in our daily diet,it contains 328 kilo calories.This Ragi can be cooked in many form as our wish.As,Ragi urundai,Ragi porridge,Kali,biscuits and also in the form of dosa.

But it is famous for “KALI”(களி).Taking ragi as kali , our body can get all nutrients directly.The process of making kali will include all micro nutrients which help us to be strong more.

Now, doctors are also recommending Ragi to Diabetic Patients.Adding ragi in their diet will reduce Blood Sugar Level.

Ragi can also be intake as Ragi dosa,Ragi Idly,Ragi Kanji etc.,Like kali ,Ragi koozh is also good source to include in diet.This koozh can be taken as healthy drink instead of having tea (or) coffee.

This ragi koozh is available in tea stores as Ragi malt ,which is an energy supplement.You can have that as your daily drink to increase your stamina level to remain energytic the whole day.

Even in village side , usage of Ragi got decreased and the place is covered by rice varieties.We should compulsorily add ragi in our diet daily, if not possible at least twice (or) thrice in a week.

100 gram of Ragi/Finger millet contains,

Protein7.3 g
Fat1.4 g
Carbohydrates72 g
Fiber3.6 g
Calcium350 mg
Iron4 mg
Niacin1.1 mg
Thiamine0.5 mg
Riboflavin0.2 mg
100 grams Ragi Contains

Ragi for Children

Ragi is best food to kids from 6 month onwards as Ragi Porridge.It gives them strength and boost up their immunity power.From 6 month to 1 yr baby you can serve ragi healthy drink as their breakfast.

After 1 year, include ragi during snacks time this will give them practice of eating cereals and helps them to grow strongly and increase haemoglobin level to children.

Final Summary

Including ragi in our daily diet with controlled portions will help us to maintain our weight and for weight loss too,good for diabetes,Improve brain nerves ,easily digestive and increase our haemoglobin level.

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