Fat to Fit |Tips for your care |Love A Cup of Coffee - Love A Cup of Coffee

Fat to Fit |Tips for your care |Love A Cup of Coffee

Mostly people who are fat will start to control their body fat by having Fasting. This is not right step for weight loss.

To get big, you need to lose somewhat.YES,Lets get in..

1.To reduce body fat you have to control in quantity of food that you take daily.

2. You need to do exercise till you sweat out hardly.

3. You have to wait at least 2 hr to go to bed after having lunch/dinner.This is because ,you have to sleep only after the digestion so that all your fat get burned in that 2 hr gap.

4.Fatty people should avoid milk completely,instead of that you can have more soupy items.Avoid cholesterol soup like mutton soup should avoid it for some days.

5.Important things avoid all oily and snacks items.I know this is too hard to follow.But you can!

6.Have more juice,coconut water instead of snacks and tea.They give you stamina and make your blood circulation well.

7.Check your weight once in a month.

Follow these things,Strictly to get to fit.To get big, you need to lose somewhat.

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Hello! I'm Maheswari Love A Cup Of Coffee is all about Skin and Health care tips for everyone. All my tips are from freinds ,family and my trail ones.

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