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Instant Face Brightness|Love A Cup of Coffee

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Many people are facing this problem.As they look very dull even after a face wash.This is because the pores at your skin are in active mode.

Don’t worry here I have a solutions for you. But, Promise Me! You to do it regularly !Doing regularly only will give a result which we expect.

All Face Mask/Pack should do only after Face wash, So that the pack/mask can enter into your skin and give their results Perfectly.

Now,we are entering into our kitchen for our Face Brightness!!


Tomato is a source of vitamin C, which is more important to our skin and health.Tomato bleaches your skin well and give immediate glow.

Take a Tomato ( 1 tomato is enough) and mash / grind it well as juice.

Apply it thoroughly on your Face and Neck. Once, it got dry , wash your face with soap and normal water.

This remedy helps your small skin pores to get closed and your skin get relief from OILY FACE.


You can get avaram poo powder in all organic store now it is available in all shop. Avarampoo is good for health and all skin related problems.

Take Avaram poo powder -1 tablespoon

Add Milk with it make it paste and apply on your face and neck.Leave it for exact 15 mins.

Then wash your face only with cold/normal water. Don’t use soap to wash . Using soap to wash will not show the result of pack for this. Do it TWICE or THRICE a week for good results.


Papaya ,a great fruit to intake for immunity booster.

Take a slice of Papaya and mash it well!

Then apply it well on your Face,Neck and also on your Hands.Leave it dry for 1/2 hr.

Then, wash with soap and water. Do it Once in a week for Glowing and Soft Skin.


Paal aadai/yedu which we gets from milk. It give a INSTANT BRIGHTNESS in 15 mins.

Just a simple thing, Apply paal yedu/aadai throughout the FACE AND NECK.

Massage with that gently on your face for 2 mins. Leave dry fro 15mins .

Then Wash your face with soap and cold/normal water.You can see difference after a wash .

Try this remedy fro Instant Glow.


Egg white gives you instant glow ,reduce Acne on your face and also prevent from Pimples.

For this you don’t need to waste whole egg. Just need a used egg which means a egg we used for omelette .

Once it used there will be little leftover on those broken egg. Use those Egg White that is enough for whole Face and Neck.

Make it dry for 10 to 15 mins. Then ,wash with soap and water.

Don’t do it regularly, Do it TWICE in a week.


Hello! I'm Maheswari Love A Cup Of Coffee is all about Skin and Health care tips for everyone. All my tips are from freinds ,family and my trail ones.

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