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7 Healthy Benefits of Lady’s Finger(Okra)|To be known

Vegetables and fruits are natural source of minerals and vitamins.Vegetables are our day today life source for food in our food table.These are with less cholesterol,minerals ,vitamins and antioxidants.So,by including vegetables daily in our food chart helps us to be active and they are easily digestive ones.

Now, we are going to know some Unknown Facts about Lady’s Finger(Okra).Lady’s Finger is easily cultivable vegetable.Since,this can be grown even in our home garden.This make them easy available.

7 Healthy Benefits of Lady’s Finger(Okra)


Memory which leads our entire life.A important one for human life.Some people may suffering from memory loss,they all can intake Lady’s Finger daily as Rawly (or) as Salad (or) by Cooking in their own style.It boost up brain nerves.

All moms should make a practice of including Lady’s Finger to their kids especially school going kids ,on their daily lunch box(or)snacks box.This will help them in Brain Development.

2.Blood Purifier

Lady’s Finger also acts as Blood Purifier and removes unwanted cholesterol from bloods.It maintains our Blood Pressure too.Heart block can also be prevented by having lady’s finger on our diet.

Lady’s finger is useful for preventing Kidney diseases.The fiber in this helps reduce the absorption rate of glucose which reduces blood glucose levels.It also controls the bloody diarrhoea.


Constipation can have causes that are not underlying diseases.Constipation may be due to dehydration,lack of dietary fiber and may be medical side effects.To get rid of this Lady’ Finger are best,because they are with high fiber content which helps in digestive process.


There are different types of ulcer.One of the most common ulcer is Peptic ulcer.This ulcer are infection of the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori, which can be cured easily by Lady’s finger.Also they clear Indigestion Cholera and stimulates appetite.


Lady’s Finger promotes healthy skin.Vitamin C present in this vegetable will helps our skin to look young and ever glow. They help to repair our body tissues.


Lady’s Finger helps diabetic patient to control their sugar level.A diabetic people who has high sugar level ,can intake this vegetable by the following process:

Lady’s Finger – 3 nos.( cut them into pieces)

Soak the pieces in water and leave it overnight. On Next morning,in empty stomach remove the lady’s finger from water and drink the water alone.Do it continuously for three days and check your sugar level.I’m sure this process will decrease your blood sugar.


Some people may be fat but they are weak in strength and some weak by nature.These type of people can intake some Lady’s Finger daily.Some process/remedy for body strengthen with Lady’s Finger;

  • Lady’s Finger – 100 gram (cut into pieces).Soak them in Butter milk and leave it under sun for a day.Then, fry them in oil and have it as side dish (or) snacks.Take them daily two to four pieces.
  • Next one is Lady’s Finger Soup, this soup good for health and get rid of all drowsiness.Boil the Lady’s Finger with water,added salt in it.Make the boil in simmer till your two tumbler soup reduces to one tumbler.Now, filter the water and drink it.If you want you can add some preservatives for better taste.

A 100 gram Lady’s Finger contain:

Strength – 31 Calories

Sugar – 1.20 gram

Carbohydrates -7.03 gram

Dietary Fiber – 3.2 gram

Cholesterol – 0.10 gram

Protein – 2 gram

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