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6 Home Remedies for Glowing Skin in 2 Weeks

Everyone loves to look young and glow throughout the day.We are trying many things to get instant glow.Many fairness glowing and moisturizer creams are easily available at market.But, still we have some doubts on it like,any side effects?Does it suit my skin? and so on..

There are many chemical free creams are available in market for your skin glow.Still in confused?

Ok! I will share some home remedies for glowing skin in 2 weeks.

To get glowing skin and body first thing we need to do is give some rest to mind and body.Our face represents our healthiness.

We should strongly believe in word “Health and Skin are Interrelated”.

Now,lets get into some home remedies for skin glow:

1.ALMOND (Badam)

We all know that almonds are good for our health.Vitamin E, present in almond, helps your skin to glow and get rid of darkness.Curd are always a best cleanser to our skin.

Almonds – 5 nos.

Curd – 2 tablespoon

Soak almonds overnight.Next day, morning remove the skin of almonds,then grind them with curd as paste.Apply the paste all over the face and neck.Leave it dry for 15 mins.Then,wash your face with warm water.Do this remedy continuously for 15 days to get glowing skin and remove oily substance from the face.


Carrot, one of the vegetable for healthy skin.It contains Vitamin C and K ,Antioxidants which helps our skin to look younger. Including carrot daily on your food chart, help us to be healthy always and get rid of all skin related problems.

Carrot – 1 no.

Milk – 1 tumbler

Cut the carrots into small pieces to get easily boiled.Boil the carrot in milk.Once the carrot got boiled,leave it cold for sometime.Now,grind it in a mixer as paste.Apply the paste all over the face and neck.Leave it dry for 1/2 hour.

Then, wash with normal water.You can see and feel the difference instantly.This paste can be done to bride to get instant glow and long lasting freshness.


Gram flour easily available at all our home,which is rich in fiber and protein content.The vitamins present this flour will make our skin soft.It suits for all skin types and work well for oily skin and remove tan from our face and neck.

Next one is lemon juice, it contains citric acid,which bleach our skin well.Now, lets get into the pack,

Gram flour (kadalai maavu) – 5 gram

Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon

Turmeric powder – 5 gram

Milk – 10 ml

Mix all together and apply all over the face and neck.Leave it dry for 30 mins.

Now,then wash with warm water.Do it continuously for 15 days, to get glowing skin and get rid of black marks permanently.


Sandalwood powder always gives good smell to our body throughout the day.They also helps in preventing acne causing bacteria,removes all suntan from your skin. And also helps in skin whitening and lightening.

Now take sandalwood powder as we needed to our face and add lemon juice in it.Mix them well.

Apply all over the face and neck.Leave it dry for 20 mins. then,Wash the face with warm water.


Black grapes have amazing benefits from body to gorgeous skin.Vitamin E in grapes moisturize our skin and improves blood circulation,to get glow and healthy.

Take 25 gram of black grapes.Remove the seed and juice it by hand its better to apply.Now,wash your face and wipe it off well.Make it clean dry.Now,apply the juice all over the face and neck.

Leave it dry for 15 mins.Then,wash your face with water alone.Wipe it off softly with cotton towel.

This make your skin well cleansed and look better all day.


We all know that oats are good for our diet to weight loss and diabetes.They are also a good cleanser for skin.Since they have antioxidant and anti -inflammatory properties ,that help to treat our dry skin and remove dead skin cells.

Oats powder – 1 tablespoon (Take a oats and grind it in mixer)

Curd – 1/2 tablespoon

Honey -1 tablespoon

Olive oil – 1/2 tablespoon

Mix all together.Apply this pack on your face and neck.Leave it dry for sometime.Wash your face with warm water.

After wash you will feel like skin got coloured and brighten.Do it regularly for 15 days , to get glowing skin.

Final Summary

Home remedies are best one no need to worry about side effects.To get glow result well do it regularly!

Thank you!

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